Easy DIY Install

Installing the Just Water Filter is easy - if you can change a tap washer then you'll be able to install the Just Water Filter - no worries!


Installation requires some household tools and novice plumbing skills. If you can replace a tap washer then you will be able to install the Just Water Filter.


  1. Multi-Function Control Valve (MFCV) and reducing nut
  2. 450mm water connector hose with 90° bend ½" x ½"
  3. 2 x ⅜" x ½" brass hex reducing nipple
  4. Filter bracket
  5. 2 x ¾" wall mounting screws
  6. Filter head
  7. 4 x 1½" head mounting screws
  8. Just Water Filter (JWFR)
  9. Teflon tape



Before you start:

*If you don't have a stop tap installed click here to arrange one of our registered plumbers to come and install this device for you.
** Click here for additional fittings.





a) Turn off the cold water supply at the stop tap under your sink.

b) Turn on the cold water at your mixer tap only to release any pressure. Return tap to "off" position.

c) Unscrew both ends of the braided hose that is the existing cold water line with a spanner.

d) Clean the thread on the stop tap then apply 4 turns of Teflon plumbing tape (9) to the cleaned thread on the stop tap.

e) Take the MFCV (1) and unscrew metal reducing nut (this is lightly screwed into the inlet in order to secure the gauzed O-ring). Ensure gauzed O-ring remains in the inlet rather than removing with the reducing nut.

f) Apply 4 turns of Teflon plumbing tape (9) to the threaded or outlet end of the MFCV (1) and secure the reducing nut to this with a spanner.

g) Apply Teflon plumbing tape (9) to the thread at the end of the reducing nut.

h) Screw the inlet end of the MFCV (1) into the stop tap. Take note of the water flow arrows. Water must travel in this direction. Ensure you install gauzed O-ring. Hand tightening will suffice.

i) Connect the water connector (2) to the MFCV (1). The water connector (2) contains a bend at one end for use in tight spaces. Install the connector whichever way suits your cupboard.

j) Apply 7 turns of Teflon plumbing tape (9) to both ends of each brass nipple (3). Screw one nipple into the inlet and outlet of the filter head (6), tightening with a spanner.

k) Mount the bracket (4) onto the filter head (6) using the 4 x 1½" head mounting screws (7). Ensure the flow arrow on the filter head points left to right from the water inlet to the water outlet, and on to the mixer tap.

l) Mount the filter head assembly to your cupboard wall using the 2 x ¾"wall mounting screws (5).

m) Connect the water connector hose (2) to the inlet of the filter head (6) using a spanner.

n) Connect the braided hose from your mixer tap to the outlet of the filter head (6) using a spanner.

o) Connect the Just Water Filter (8) to the filter head assembly (4, 5 & 6).

p) Turn on the cold water at your mixer tap and slowly, turn on the water supply from your stop tap until completely on.

q) The system may gurgle, and water may appear cloudy or black. This is normal. The system needs to release any air, and loose granular particles. Allow the system to "flush" itself for minimum 2 minutes or until clear.

r) As the system is flushing, check for any leaks, focussing on all connection points. If leak occurs, shut the water supply off immediately, and repeat any of the above steps if necessary. The number of turns of the plumbers tape is only a guide, and more can be applied.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Just Water Filter System is fully installed and ready for use.


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